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It is considered to be, that the kennel history begins with its first litter. The history of our kennel begins the readout since 2003. In 2003 we have registered it, have given it the official name «Libra D'Or». Having chosen so unusual word-combination for Russian ear, we pursued at once some the purposes. On a pronunciation it reminds a word «labrador», and on sense in the name of kennel we wished to reflect lines of this remarkable breed. Here our pupils to the aid have come. Lotto was born in October, on an astrological calendar under a sign Scales (an armour. Libra). «D’Or» (fr.) means "gold". And the name - «gold scales» or «gold balance» has turned out. As it seems to us, the best virtues of dogs - mind, force, kindness and endurance - have found the optimum parity in this breed. Pleasantly that coincidence, that in a translation from Italian «Libra D’Or» is «the gold book», too it is noble and beautiful.

labrador retriver kennel


Our first dogs it Timantti Solid Magic Fair Lady (Lady) - it has appeared at us in 2001 - and Good Lotto Do Sol D’Arena (Lotto) - a pale-yellow dog, our basic manufacturer with 2003 for 2009, we have brought it from Portugal at the age of 10 months in 2002.

Timantti Solid Magic Fair Lady - successful show a dog who has brought to our kennel the first glory and popularity. Parents of the Lady are imported from other countries. The daddy - from Portugal (the son of 2 multiple World champions Pamilo Linnet, daughters of magnificent manufacturer Rocheby Royal Oak. Mum of Lady M’Ladys Madonna (1998-2008) is imported from Finland, from magnificent parents, her father - the Champion of Finland Lindall Harris Tweed, and mum - the Champion of Finland Grumbling Snow Lady, both manufacturers are taken out from the Great Britain.


labrador retriver kennel



Lotto's parents are from England. Lotto's daddy - Rocheby Good Company, the son of magnificent and legendary manufacturer Rocheby Whiskey Mac. Lotto's mum - Rocheby Chasing Dreams successfully acted in show rings. Its pedigree is very interesting. She is daughter Cambremer High Hopes for Rocheby and, accordingly, the grand daughter unsurpassed reference bitch breeds, beauties Sh Ch Cambremer All That Jazz.

First puppies of  The Lotto and the Lady have justified our hopes and hopes of the owners. The first  litter of 2003 has appeared very interesting and perspective. Puppies stably occupy prize-winning places at exhibitions of different level. From five puppies of the first litter four have a title of the Champion of Russia, one - title Interchampion and two are candidates in Interchampion.

To organise kennel building, we with the husband have visited many nurseries in the Great Britain and other countries of Europe. Having generalised seen abroad, we have constructed the nursery taking into account our climatic conditions and our requirements, and also according to our internal sensation.

We have tried to create comfort for ourselves and the pupils. Have organised separate walking for each dog, have divided a platform into separate park zones - for girls and for boys. Our kennel consists of five blocks for dogs. In the first block at us there live four dogs, in the second block - five dogs. In the third block - a female half, patrimonial, a room for puppies. The fourth block - a room for heating bitches. The fifth block - guest and an office for is viscous. The kitchen where prepares peeping for dogs, a room for the personnel and forage storage, a warehouse is separately constructed.

Our kennel is located in ecologically pure place of a city of Nizhniy Novgorod, on the bank of the great Russian river of Volga. The affinity of the river allows our pupils to bathe since spring till the autumn. The kennel has sufficient territory for free walking and trainings of dogs that is very important for maintenance of their exhibition form.

Питомник лабродоров Libra D'Or
Питомник лабродоров Libra D'Or

In general, exhibition career - business difficult both laborious. 2004 and 2005 were for us very strained, we had to work much. We actively were engaged in training - swimming, physical training and хэндлингом, prepared for the international exhibitions in Samara, Novorossisk, Nizhniy Novgorod. Our labradors have successfully acted in rings, Lotto became the Best representative of breed, the Winner of 8 groups. We have received many titles: the Grandee the Champion, the Champion of Club Labrador the Retriever. Our pupils have received certificates Interchampions is big success for our nursery. Lotto and the Lady became the first labradors Interchampions in Nizhniy Novgorod. Timantti Solid Magic Fair Lady became the Best labrador breeds at the largest exhibition in Russia "Eurasia-2005".

In the winter of 2005 we have brought three new puppies with lines interesting to cultivation. Rocheby Royal St. Andrew (Andy) is imported from the best kennel of England. Andy is the leading manufacturer of our nursery. Andy's daddy  - legendary dog Sh Ch Rocheby Whiskey Mac. Andy - from last dung from this manufacturer. Merion Hopkinson, it manufacturer, is proud of it, she has seen in due time in it all inclinations of a beautiful dog. More recently Merion has revealed secret of a nickname of Andy. Royal St. Andrew is a most expensive and prestigious Royal golf club for the selected rich people of Europe. She hopes, that Andy will continue line Royal Oak in Europe and becomes its worthy successor.

Just Tip Top (Ritz) and Jam Tarantella Libra D'OR Sol D'Arena (Tara) - magnificent labradors from the English top manufacturer with 2001 for 2005 Rocheby Old Smoky and bitch - The Champion of Europe Here I Come Do Sol D’Arena (Grace) (in joint ownership with our kennel).  Grace's mum - very beautiful a bough, in 2003 it was the Best puppy in the World championship in Dortmund, in 2004 it - vice the World champion in Argentina. In 2007 - the Champion of Europe.

Ritz - the most beautiful boy, it the optimist, always cheerful, we adore it. Tara too our favourite girl, it the most sweet, the most artful. For it there are no obstacles, it opens all doors, gates and windows, the flight appreciates and respects her for resource.

2006 - year of a dog has presented to us new puppies. This second litter from the Lady is interesting to that for was viscous interesting dog Lindall Galileo for Rocheby is chosen from kennel Merion and David Hopkinson. After kennel Rocheby visiting this dog to us was especially remembered. It of unusually beautiful constitution, with beautiful corners, a magnificent exit of a neck and strong skeleton. This manufacturer is chosen not casually, as a result we left on linear cultivation. As it - Lindall Galileo - the grandson of known dog Sandylands Gad About. We have received magnificent puppies and have left in nursery of two лабрадоров from this dung Libra D’Or Famous Person Galileo ( Galileo) and Libra D’Or Flaming Star (Fanta).

В 2006 году были импортированы из Великобритании две великолепные суки – Rocheby Lavender Blue (Элис) и Rocheby Most Charming (Молли). Элис успешно сделала шоу карьеру в России. Она – Чемпион России и Интерчемпион. От Элис мы получили два помета. Молли – наша маленькая шоу звезда, она успешно начала свою карьеру в рингах. В 2006 году наша Rocheby Most Charming на Чемпионате мира в Познани стала Лучшим щенком среди сук, ей было тогда всего 6,5 месяцев. В 2007 году Rocheby Most Charming на Чемпионате Европы в Хорватии стала Юным Чемпионом Европы.

In 2006 two have been imported from the Great Britain magnificent bitches - Rocheby Lavender Blue (Alice) and Rocheby Most Charming (Molly). Alice has successfully made show career in Russia. She is a Champion of Russia and Interchampion. From Alice we have received two dung. Molly - our small show a star, it has successfully begun the career in rings. In 2006 we Rocheby Most Charming in the World championship in Poznan became the Best puppy among a bough, to it was then only 6,5 months. In 2007 Rocheby Most Charming on the European championship in Croatia became the Young Champion of Europe.

In 2008 we imported two more dogs from the Great Britain - dog Rocheby Step Ahead (Stroller) and Rocheby Dare To Dancer (Danny).

In 2008 our successful manufacturer Libra D’Or Famous Person Galileo - 10 SASIB, Interchampion, the Champion of five countries, the Winner of a class of Champions in the Championship «Gold collar-2008» has pleased us своми with achievements.

Now in kennel 12 labradors retrivers. We consider, that have managed to put in pawn the excellent base to the further development of our kennel. 



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